Katakage 1st Anniversary/2021 Content Schedule

Posted by James Revels on

Welcome to the 1st blog for Katakage Brands, where we will provide you with periodic brand updates. Today we have a few major announcements:

  1. Katakage 1st Anniversary - November 17th is Katakage Brands' 1st anniversary! Thank you for 1 year of business, we have something in the work to celebrate, be on the look out for an update within the next week.
  2. 2021 Content Schedule - Below we have posted our monthly content schedule effective January 1st, 2021. Patreon account is in the works, estimated completion is mid December. 
  3. Product Reviews - We are pleased to announce that you can leave product reviews letting us know what you love about your favorite Katakage Products. 

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